Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Morning Fog

Painting a Day. Oil painting of a Cape Cod marsh on a foggy morning by artist Steve Allrich

Morning Fog
12" x 12" | Oil on panel
Steve Allrich

There are a couple of things you can count on when painting on location. One is that no matter where you are, people will find you. Chances are they'll be harmless. They'll probably want directions. They may want you to take their picture. Or ask you which local clam shack has the best lobster roll. But  be prepared for anything. A man once walked across a fairly busy street to ask me what I knew about electricity. The fact that he was dripping wet and wrapped in a towel concerned me.   

The other certainty is that the light will most likely change completely during the course of your painting. The first time I ever painting on location on Cape Cod, it rained, hailed and snowed, in that order. And then the sun came out. One of my teachers advised us not to chase the painting. Pick an effect and stick with it. Easier said then done... 

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